NPR Rips Off ¡Ask a Mexican! and Starts Ask an Arab

Those geniuses at NPR, the network that thinks Garrison Keillor and Mo Rocca are the height of hilarity, have shamelessly ripped off ¡Ask a Mexican! to start a new feature, Ask an Arab. It's airing on their All Things Considered snoozefest, and I'm sorry, but people don't have issues with Arabs–it's Muslims they can't stand (seriously: when was the last time someone railed against a Druze, or a Maronite Catholic?). Below is the segment, and typical of NPR, they found folks to throw softballs at two comedians who are actually funny in real life but do little in this skit to explain anything about Arabs. Oh, and before anyone begins leaving comments about me being so petty and me ripping off “Ask a Black Dude,” I preface this post with a classic quote from Krusty the Clown: “If this is anyone but Steve Allen, you've stolen my bit!”

And now, the piratería

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