No. 209 Gin, Our Drink of the Week

I am not a gin guy. I don't find it disgusting like too many lightweights; I just don't find it as sweet as bourbon, as bracing as tequila, as smoky as scotch or mezcal. But I couldn't give up an opportunity to drink the world's only kosher-for-Passover gin when I got a PR release for No. 209 Gin.

What makes it kosher? I'm not a member of the tribe, so I don't know or particularly care. What I'm concerned with is the taste.

It's a good gin, strong in juniper fragrance on the nose, increasing in herbal intensity on the palate, but then settling down to a lingering sweetness you don't find with most mainstream gins. My best friend is a gin-and-tonic man, and I can see No. 209 enlivening his nights. I, on the other hand, drank it straight–gin heresy, I'm sure, but at least I tasted it sans muddling, appreciated its tones and the gorgeous bottle with the picture of the home inside…

Okay, I'll admit it: I had three of these shots. I might not be a member of the Tribe, but it's my tribe's Holy Days as well. Drink up to your respective Messiah this weekend, mensches!

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