Ninjas With Appetite Food Truck Opens Brick-and-Mortar in Downtown Santa Ana

The Lime Truck. Seabirds. Dos Chinos. All the cool trucks are doing it: setting up brick-and-mortar restaurants. Soon the Burnt Truck and Dogzilla collaboration called Burntzilla will open a restaurant in Irvine.

But before that happens, the Ninjas With Appetite Food Truck have debuted their brick-and-mortar at the location of the former Grilled Cheese Spot, the shuttered sandwich shop by the Crosb…er, North Left folks.


The menu at NWA's restaurant is the same as on their truck: teriyaki, either chicken or beef, in a bowl over rice, folded in a taco, swaddled as a burrito, tucked with cheese in a quesadilla, or sprinkled over tortilla chips as a thing they call “Nacho” Average Nachos.

318 W 5th St., Santa Ana, CA 92701, (714) 987-2029;

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