Ninjapalooza LuWow

Graceland Ninjaz aren't your average cover band—they're more like martians who landed on earth and are doing their best to blend in. Imagine a rambunctious six-piece band covering everything from Sir-Mix-A-Lot to Prince to Nirvana—but fronted by a flamboyant Elvis Impersonator. Who stays in character the entire time. But here's the kicker: Half of the band members are Emmy-winning musicians, with frontman David “EzE” McMahon an impressive three-time-Emmy-winning singer/songwriter. They call themselves the King of Party Bands and we're totally OK with that. So bizarrely awesome are Graceland Ninjaz that they've inspired a nationwide summer party kickoff tour. It's called the Ninjapalooza LuWow, and features hula girls, tiki drinks, and a full lineup of live music. Elvis-inspired or Hawaiian costumes are heavily encouraged. Don't let yourself miss this one.

Sat., June 28, 8 p.m., 2014

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