Nikki Cox: Humor Makes Her Drown in Good Fortune.

What many of you already know about Nikki Cox is that she is a talented actress and obviously drop dead gorgeous. What many of you might not have known though is that she is funny as well. Wait. Scratch that. She's hysterical. Of course she didn't get a chance to fully reveal her humor on shows like Las Vegas or Unhappily Ever After but ever since we read the post on her hubby Jay Mohr's website in response to Gilbert Gottfried's fantastic Playboy submission, well, we just had to know more. The post was all about the way women feel about funny men and being that she is married to a successful comedian, we figured we could take her words as gospel and insisted on delving in deeper.


OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): I have to first admit what a fan I am of the TV series Las Vegas. I've probably watched it seven times to completion and I won't apologize for it!

Nikki Cox: OK wow! It was totally the “Love Boat” like, hey, guess who's here? It was crazy because every week there was some ridiculous and amazing guest but we literally had so much fun. Elvis impersonators, Charo, Donnie Osmond, and Gladys Knight? One of the weirdest days of my life was when Jay was hosting at night and I didn't get much sleep but when I got to work, Donnie Osmond and Charo are there. So I'm sleep deprived and I'm like, is this happening? Is this my life right now?

It's so funny that you said it was like the Love Boat. I didn't even think of it like that but it's totally true.

It was fun but it just got so goofy! James Lesure, who is amazing, would say things like, “The real question is, why are we doing an episode about Dynasty? Why are we now at a vampire convention?” It became like Scooby Doo. [Laughs.] It was too bizarre for words. People had a good time watching it but none of us thought, yes, this is where we're going to win an Emmy! [Laughs.] I think it was great though because back then it was either reality TV or CSI in name whatever city.

Hey I don't care what anyone thinks, I loved that damn show. How great was Charo though? I'd make her say some “cuchi-cuchi” shit.

Oh yeah! She'll work that phrase in to any conversation. I'm pretty sure that's her absolute favorite thing to say! Right after I got engaged everyone was congratulating me and Charo was there and she was like, “Oh your ring is so big! You must be good with that cuchi-cuchi!” I was like, oh my god this is Charo! Did she just tell me that I had a good cuchi-cuchi because of the size of my ring? Naturally I was like, well yeah Charo, I do. Hey, I wasn't going to lie! [Laughs.]

Oh my god, you fucking kill me. I think you are such a great writer and I know you help Jay out with some stuff…I just wish you did more writing for just you. Like on Twitter or something!

Oh thank you, that's so nice of you to say because I never really thought of myself as a writer. When Jay stopped stand-up for a while I was like, it's just not you anymore. It was like he was telling jokes and he could sell anything but it was just written material. It was his story and his life but I was like, maybe when you go back to it, it won't be just “set up and punchline” so you'll get bored of it again. He took two years off and then when he came back, he was telling actual and true anecdotes. It became funny storytelling and not just joke telling so it was fun for him. It wasn't formulated and he has hours of material so he can go any way with it and the audience will be into it. He would say something and I would go, “How about you try this or try that?” It was just random things and he would say, “Please just write that down verbatim.” He would perform it and then people would laugh so he'd say, “Keep going!” I was happy to do it, I am totally happy to do it. I was thrilled to do it and am still flattered to this day. It's kind of a personal thing, comedy I mean. I don't want to be some Cyrano De Bergerac asshole who is like, “Oh try this! This is what's funny!” If I said that I'd be terrified that he'd say, “Yeah, go sit there in your fucking bikini and shut up.” [Laughs.]

It's fun that he can bounce it all off of you too. You're so funny and I don't think people even know that. It's a god damn shame.

Oh that's so sweet. I'm an insomniac and it also plays into having a baby so it's perfect because I work the night shift. I've always been attracted to older men but I didn't know he'd go to bed that early! [Laughs.] So he'll go to bed and since when it comes to social media I'm like tits on a nun, I just write. I will literally write a bunch of shit out and I'll be like, here's a bunch of shit. Either you want it for Twitter or maybe you can make it funny, whatever. Luckily, I know him well enough so I know his voice in the way he says things. For me, it's pretty easy for me to write for him and like I said before, he is the kind of guy that can make anything work.
I seriously love your relationship. It seems pretty clear to me but for the record, at the end of the day, do you think gals want a funny man?

I think that everyone, regardless of gender, wants someone who thinks well of them. I want someone who likes me. I think when it comes to a sense of humor, it's like people who say they want someone with a big personality who can cook. That's just not true either! It's just some stupid thing that people say because they think that they are supposed to. I think everyone should want a man with a good sense of humor. And I think that everyone should want someone who is funnier than them and smarter than them. If you don't, then you are aiming way too low. As far as the article that Gilbert Gottfried wrote, it was brilliant but, saying that women want a man with a certain sense of humor…I don't understand that. I don't speak that language. The people that I think are hot are all over the map for different reasons. What I think is attractive, well, I wouldn't be asked to be part of this poll. [Laughs.] I like specific people and the only common denominator has been that they make me fucking laugh. And I make them laugh too. I don't want to just be a fan, I want to have a fan! It's like stand-up, there is a give and take. It doesn't work if the audience doesn't laugh. Even if they are sitting there smiling ear to ear, they have to be appreciative! They have to do their job, you know? The dynamic has to be equal. Every man that I've ever loved on any level has made me laugh a lot. I need to have the shakes like an old alcoholic that is trying to get dry. That's the type of funny I want.

I 100% agree with you. I think Gilbert is incredible but when I personally say I want a funny man, I really, really mean it. If someone can make me laugh it's such a bonus. The allure of looks wear off fast for me if there's no laughter.

Yeah, you ultimately want someone who makes you feel safe and loved as well but if we're talking about husband material, the laughing is what I feel first. If you make me laugh hard, I'm yours. There is nothing better. And if it works, then great. But at least for me and I would guess for you is, the funny is what leads first. I think if you are looking for a mate they have to be more than funny but, they have to have that humor too otherwise you'll be burned out in two seconds.

Very true. So in turn, do you think men want a funny woman?

I actually think there is no gender difference. I think most humans just want to be in a relationship where they can relax. You know, I think that smart men want a funny girl but the stereotypical husband on House Hunters doesn't want a big laugh riot of a wife. I can only say what I have in a relationship so I can't possibly know what other people want. I think that everyone just wants someone that “gets them,” whatever that means. To me, the easiest language is laughing. I can just tell you how I feel, and that is lucky. If they make you laugh then you can feel lucky with someone that you are fucking or you're not. If someone make you laugh and then they stay to hear you laugh, then obviously they care. To me, that is what makes you drown in good fortune.

Ughhh I love that! Drowning in good fortune? That is incredible!

Wow. OK what the fuck? This was supposed to be a thirty minute interview and it became three hours. I neglected bedtime with my baby and husband because I like you so much! It's like you are some sort of sea monkey and we are now immediate friends! Just add water. I feel lucky that you are now a girlfriend that can make me laugh. Now I just need to find someone that I can hook you up with. Although, you deserve way better than my sloppy seconds.

Read Nikki's beyond entertaining blog posting on Jay's website and since you can't yet follow her on Twitter (trust us, we're working on making that happen), follow her amazing hubby Jay on Twitter: @JayMohr37.

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