Night Beats

We thought we were way into Roky Erickson, but Seattle’s Night Beats have a new LP called Sonic Bloom that goes past respect and reverence toward actual reincarnation. It’s out on Austin’s Reverberation Appreciation Society, the unquestionable inheritors of the Texas psychedelic tradition, and it’s bristling with Stacy Sutherland-style space guitar and hair-raising vocals inspired by the three best times Roky yelled, “Ohhhh yeah!” Naturally, there’s plenty of connections to the other grand old head rockers here—pre-string section Spacemen 3, the first Stooges LP, the Lost and Found non-LP 45 and track 12 on volume 1 of Back From the Grave and don’t tell us you don’t know those! This will be a crucial show for those who like bands that come from beyond.

Mon., Nov. 25, 9 p.m., 2013

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