Nicolas Cage, Promoting Trespass, Recalls Brush with Naked Intruder in His Newport Beach Mansion

Promoting a new movie at the Toronto Film Festival that has him playing the head of a household victimized by intruders, Nicolas Cage has been recounting for various ink-stained wretches the break-in into his former Newport Beach mansion. Cage, who was sleeping in his bayfront bedroom with his wife while his then-2-year-old was night-night in another
room on Oct. 1, 2007, recalled opening his eyes to a man hunched over his bed wearing only Nic's leather
jacket and eating a Fudgesicle poached from the freezer.

“I know it sounds funny . . . but it was horrifying,” Cage said of the 2 a.m. encounter to a Reuters reporter covering the premiere of Trespass, which co-stars Nicole Kidman.

Spinning the same tale for a USA Today
scribe, Cage added that he got up, put on his jeans, chased the
mentally disturbed man into a bathroom and used “verbal judo” and a
commanding voice to get him out of his house.

Police arrested Robert Dennis Furo outside the mansion.

that he and his family could not stay there, Cage sold the Newport
mansion three months later for a then-record $35 million. He now lives in Nassau, Bahamas.

is scheduled to open Oct. 14.

Guess this means we can expect in a couple
years a flick where Cage plays a multi-millionaire whose lavish lifestyle and bad investments drive him into bankruptcy
and forced sales at huge losses of his yachts, driving machines, gothic art pieces, dead bat collection and homes around the globe . . .

Speaking of losses, Las Vegas casino and
gas station owner Jerry Herbst, who bought the Newport Beach mansion in January 2008 for $35 million–or $10 million more than Cage had paid three years earlier–now has it on the market three years later at $28.5

Things really are tough all over.

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