Nick Schou, Celebrity (Part Uno)

For the past three years, I've spent almost every Sunday morning playing tennis with my colleague and lunch/parking buddy Nick Schou (exceptions were made for his vacations, rain or whenever I get lucky). And almost every Sunday, it's been the same result: Nick kicks my ass. But the man never boasts about it, just like he probably won't boast to his students at UCI this summer how he got wrongfully convicted people out of jail, got corrupt mayors out of office and…eh, just click here for more of Nick's accomplishments.

Nick doesn't boast much 'cause his Nordic heritage won't allow it, but I will: the man es chingón. And he'll be more chingón come October, when Nation Books publishes his first book, Kill the Messanger, Nick's recounting of the life of journalist Gary Webb, the man who tied the CIA to crack dealers. The publicity tour starts today thanks to a positive review in Editor and Publisher, the newspaper business' Bible (well, that and Daily Rotten). Keep reading this infernal blog for more Nick news as the months progress. And Nick: congrats. And think you can spot me some points this Sunday?

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