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  1. Two Chapman University students have been running a nationally distributed Ice Cream business out of their college dorm for the last year. Honeymoon was founded in 2015 and received over $1,000,000 in seed funding. Nicholas, who previously worked for the company as the VP of sales, bought out the partners in 2018 and has since partnered up with his college roomate to expand across the country. Their product, Honeymoon Ice Cream, a premium ice cream product which can be found in Whole Foods and Safeway / Vons is an ultra-premium artisanal ice cream which costs $9-$12 and comes packed in a glass mason jar. They recently launched their first food truck in Orange County, and will be sending the food truck to Coachella this year.

  2. hi, i live in yorba linda and i wondered if you heard about our multiple sad events over the past week, especially since it’s irregular for us. i couldn’t find anything out from the oc sheriff (you know how bad they’ve gotten). they no longer even give us monthly crime stats, just a ‘crimemapping’ which in no way provides what the crime stats did or were intended for. but i can see 2 tragic events confirmed on the sheriff’s blotter. there are 2 deaths of concern and no one is talking about it or confirming that all is well or not, and nothing on the www or in news. just listed as ‘Dead Body’ on Apr 29th and another ‘Dead Body’ only 2 days later on May 1. They were located a very short distance from each other. If it turns out to be a very sensitive, personal need to know issue, we can certainly understand that. But so far that’s not the case…yet. If it involves anyone that we should have helped we need to know to prevent it from happening again. if it was a veteran that we neglected than everyone needs to know because that’s unforgivable. just like how the homeless in the s.a. riverbed were 1st long overlooked for the veterans that were a part of that community. also for the veterans in the oc county jails. we have 11 city jails in our county run by their respective cities. we have an addnl 4 county jails which avg a daily total of 6,100 inmates and nationally that means 8-10% of that number would be veterans. I am only getting ‘crickets’ and blown off when i try to get info from oc sheriff about our vets. washington has a program ‘barracks behind bars’ that should be followed all across the country, it has amazing, positive results. when i first heard of it, i simply just wanted to make sure that OC is using the same program. (basically it houses veterans all into their same separate pod/module/cellblock). i have verified that EVERY county around orange country already has it, but orange county does NOT-so why not? i have made hundreds of phone calls, spoken to other programs across the country, but OC sheriff (already at DEFCON 2) fails to respond. we need to speak up for our veterans & stand up for them as they did for us. ‘Leave No Man Behind’. please ck these out, let’s remind the fine oc citizenry that they should NOT be made to deliberately fear and hate everyone different from them. you can easily start by reminding them that we owe our veterans. thanx.

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