Yet Another OC Diocese Pervert Violates Parole

What has Catholic Diocese of Orange Bishop Tod D. Brown put in the wine that has his convicted perverts violating parole in record numbers? Time was when you were a diocesan employee and could rape young boys and girls without worrying about the slammer. But as the Weekly revealed last month, one of them–formerĀ  St. Timothy choir directory Albert Lee Schildknecht–violated parole last month and served six days in jail. Now comes word that the Diocese's most recent pedo-priest has violated his parole: Luis Eduardo Ramirez.

You'll remember Ramirez as the one who tried to molest a teen in a motel room and only got convicted on misdemeanors for the crime. He did serve 180 days for the crime and was put on three years formal probation. But in August, Ramirez violated it in still-unknown terms. What is known is that he's serving 90 days for the offense.

Ramirez is just the fourth Orange diocese employee to see the inside of a jail for his rapes. Meditate on that miraculous number next time you're reciting the Rosary, Papists!

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