White Supremacist Party Made in Garden Grove

Jaimee Lynn Fletcher has a fascinating piece in today's Orange County Register about a pro-white (as in Caucasian) political group forming in Garden Grove.

Supporters of the Golden State Party notified the Secretary of State in May they would try to qualify as a political party for 2010, elections officials said.

The kicker is the self-proclaimed “European-American” group has links to white supremacist groups and is run by a two-time convicted felon, something that has caught the attention of watchdog groups monitoring racist and anti-Semitic activity.



Fletcher reports that 26-year-old Mission Viejo resident Tyler Cole, who is listed in election documents as the chairman of the Golden State Party, “was convicted of assault with a deadly weapon in 2001 in Arizona and sentenced to a year in prison, court records show. He was convicted in 2008 in Orange County of possession of an illegal machete, possession of marijuana and resisting arrest. He served two months in Orange County Jail and is currently on probation, court records show.”

As for the links to white supremacist groups:

Freedom14, another white nationalist group, has supported the Golden State Party in recent months in San Clemente, Newport Beach and Huntington Beach. Members set up a booth, pass out fliers about illegal immigration and solicit registration for the new party.

Commenting to the online version of the story, “whatdoesitmean” beats Nick Schou's “Racist OC Register Fustercluck” to the punch:

“Hey, they can recruit members from the OCR site! I'm sure all of the racists who shamelessly post here would be more than happy to pledge their allegiance.”

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