What You Missed: Surfrider 25th Anniversary Gala and Sunny Dal Real Estate

Funny thing how plans don't always work out. Like take this weekend for instance: Photographer Keith May was totally DEEE-NIED from Oktoberfest celebrations at Old World Village in Huntington Beach. Reason? “Here's the deal… You're not on the list and your magazine did a fucked up story on us.” Despite the fact that… we were actually on the list. But that's okay. Fine.

Another funny thing? Photog Beth Stirnaman arrived at a Sunday night show at the Light Gallery in Costa Mesa with Gestapo Khazi, Death Hymn #9, Low Budget and other bands just in time… to see it getting shut down by the cops. Hilarious.

Anyway: We got to do other cool things this weekend though. Like the very awesome Surfrider 25th Anniversary Gala in Downtown Los Angeles. The night featured musical performances by Camp Freddy, an all-star cover band featuring the likes of Dave Navarro up there. Also look out for cameos from Perry Ferrell, Mark Hoppus, Brandon Boyd, all sorts of professional surfers and more. Full photo set here!

After the jump: The reunion of Sunny Day Real Estate the House of Blues Anaheim.


Sunny Day Real Estate is back! They made a stop at the House of Blues Anaheim on 10/10. Los Angeles' the Jealous Sound and Dead Country opened. Click right here for the full slideshow.

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