What You Missed: Long Beach Comic-Con, the Horrors, Disneyland Gay Days, Long Beach Kite Surfers

A fun, fun weekend, friends: What'd you miss? First off: The first ever Long Beach Comic-Con! Comic books fans of all ages made their way to the first ever Long Beach Comic-Con at the Long Beach Convention Center this weekend, 10/2-10/4. Music Editor Albert Ching checked things out, read his round-up posts here! As for the rest of photos, which includes plenty of cute gals dressed up like yooooour favorite ever comic book heroine, are right here.

Aaaand after the jump: Brit garage rock/post-punk/shoegaze/whatever band the Horrors at the Glass House (with Costa Mesa's the Japanese Motors!), Disneyland's always popular Gay Days and kite surfers invade Long Beach.

Next, photog Andrew Youssef checked out Gay Days at Disneyland on Friday. The park was super crowded, probably thanks to both Gay Days and the many, many Halloween celebrations taking placing throughout the month at the park. More pics here!

The Horrors and local-ers Japanese Motors performed at the Glass House in Pomona on Friday. Photographer Chad Sengstock took some amazing photos of the bands, you can see 'em by clicking here.

And then? Gusty winds brought kite surfers to Belmont Shore on Sunday. A few facts: You can get an entire kite surfing rig (used) for $400. The kites do not sink because they have inflated spines. Kites do not fly away because they are designed to lie down if untethered. And, yes, kites will lift surfer off the ground and are a handful until in the surf. All photos by Keith May!

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