What to Do If You Can't Figure Out That New Computer

Let's say you get that laptop or PC you've had your eye on for Christmas. And let's say you fire it up right there under the tree. And let's say it does not work.

Stores are closed. The Geek Squad is off celebrating with their fellow geeks. India's IT helpers got snatched away by the Register for layout, copy editing and graphics illustration work.

Now what, Doogie?

Massachusetts-based MyComputerBuddyOnline.com–which provides instant online computer support to customers around the world, 24-hours a day, 365-days a year–is offering its service free of charge to new computer owners this holiday season.

At no time is the service needed more than when first setting up a computer, according to Michael Condon, president of MyComputerBuddyOnline.com's parent company. 

“Computers have become increasingly more complex and as much as the software companies have tried to make their programs easy to use, the reality is that it's very easy to get lost in the pop-ups,” Condon explains. “Proper setup and system optimization is
vital if you want a trouble free computer.”

To take advantage of the offer, log on to the website and click on the “Get Help Instantly” button. A certified technician will be chatting with you in just moments, and you should inform him or her immediately that you have a new computer and want to take advantage of the free computer set-up offer, advises MyComputerBuddyOnline.com.

But, if I can't set up my computer, how am I going to get online to this wonderful service?

Rumor has it there's this last century device known as a “telephone” with “buttons” with “numbers” on them you can “push.” Those numbers would be (877) 778-0037.

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