Welcome to the Poor Haunted Mansion

If you go to Disneyland this spring or summer, you'll find great deals on Park Hopper tickets. The question is whether there will be anyone there to sell you your tickets, take your tickets and grope you. Disney is eliminating 1,900 jobs at its domestic theme parks, most in Orlando (1,400), the least in Burbank (200) and the rest at the Anaheim resort (300).

This worries pop culturista Lisa Derrick, who writes and edits La Figa at Firedoglake.com.

It's going to be weird to go to Bats' Day in the Fun Park this year (aka Goth Day at Disneyland) and see fewer staff cast members scraping gum off the streets, fewer characters in costume. But I'd rather see some litter and lose out on Captain Hook and the Evil Queen than have them cut down on the safety staff running the rides. I got stuck once on the Roger Rabbit ride and had to walk out with a flashlight carrying escort  cast member. It was really freaky.

Ah, well, we'll always have Disneyland Paris–if you're gay.

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