Two Register Girls One Cup

We now know why the Los Angeles Times, after years of getting its ink-stained ass handed to it in Orange County by the Register, gladly entered a joint-distribution agreement with its former fierce competitor. It's part of a secret Times scheme to divide and conquer the now-bankrupt Reggie readership and sew up all of Southern California.

Don't believe it? Check out the transcript after the jump from an actual conversation that took place Sunday afternoon between two women over Mexican coffee in an undisclosed Huntington restaurant . . .

BUENA PARK MOM: Did you know when you call about your Register not being delivered, it's all automatic, you cannot speak with a person?

SANTA ANA MOM: And it's not even the Register. The LA Times delivers the Register now. Can you believe it?

PARK MOM: I called because I love Sundays being able to sit there and
read the whole Sports section. They missed me, but the Times couldn't care less. I never got my paper.

SANTA ANA MOM: The Times didn't deliver [the Register] to my work for three days in a row. We'd call and call. Nothing. It got to be ridiculous. Finally, we just switched to the LA Times. We haven't had a problem since.


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