Tweets From the Park: Homophobe Edition

Aw, fuckshitgoddammit, people. There was nothing more depressing that scrolling through the Disneyland tweets from last week and seeing all the awful things being tweeted about people just trying to have a good time. Look at that. You made Mickey sad. From the tweets about “shielding” kids from the coooontagious gays to the general ewwwwws, thanks for the most depressing round-up of Tweets From the Park yet! Try to enjoy this extra long edition of super special tweets. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

WhitYvonne: I'm still trippin that it was” GAY DAY” @ Disneyland… Like wtf!? I have no prob with gays.. But @ Disneyland!? There's lil kids there …

silverpaperclip: gay day at disneyland? out of all the places…

: Gay days at Disneyland ended yesterday but the park today suffered from residual faggotry.

gravehunter13: Took my mom to Disneyland yesterday. I was GAY DAY. Bunch of silly queens dressed in red making us all look like idiots. Fuck.

HiGhLiThEr: Disneyland was amazing…but i went on gay day…I got aked out by a girl ewwwww ohhh well met a ot guuy there

misspatten: um yeah it was gay day at disneyland yesterday ..bryan was not happy. …

DaKiddd22: @koryna97 scary monsters? Chale. You didn't see what sarah posted? ITS GAY DAY AT DISNEYLAND…ITS FULL OF GAY PEOPLE. =(

zoliv307088: i had a long weekend im soo tierd but it was fun!!!!! except for those gay and lesbos down @ disneyland!!!!!!! y th …

JTalwar84: During gay days at Disneyland, I wonder if they change the name of the ride to Butt Pirates of the Carribean

Nala_Bear: Thank you gay community, you ruined our disneyland day.

ReporterHaley: gay day at Disneyland is….is…a sin…that's all I can come up with

Cmvel86: back home from disneyland fireworks were cool but i wish tey would warn a parent about events like gay day i had to cover bays eyes too much

jetthugo : Wrong day to go to Disneyland. Gay pride day. They all stood out with red shirts. The plague.

AMV102: Its Disney Gay Day! at disneyland its like “wow” there's so many scary!

jamesfischer: Agh. My eyes. My eyes. My eyes. They burn. Never again, Disneyland, will I come here during gay day.

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