Truthiness About Carona Revealed!

Turns out our Scott Moxley had everything wrong about Sheriff Carona, according to the DC-based news source Prime Legitimate News. The pictures between Carona and Las Vegas mobster Rick Rizzolo? Carona “went undercover as a corrupt cop” in “an undercover police uniform pretending to party, accept large cash contributions, even going so far as to sample strippers in Rizzolo's presence to make the criminals believe that he would be the kind of man who might throw his Christian values out the door in exchange for sex and cash.” Carona allowing a felon to film inside off-limits Homeland Security facilities? According to PLN, “The whole anti-terror exercise was a FAKE! Carona organized the entire phony exercise so that the Saudis would THINK they knew how America does anti-terror, but they really had no clue at all.”

“By reporting the story,” PLN concludes, “the OC Weekly blew Carona's cover just like Joe Wilson blew his wife's cover as a CIA agent when he started criticizing the War On Terror.” Read more of PLN's shocking truthiness here.

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