Tricky Traditional Roman Script

Confession: Until I started working here at the Weekly two years ago as a youngling intern eager to please, I didn't know RVCA was really supposed to be pronounced “ruca”—because, you know, that “V” is actually supposed to be traditional Roman script. So, nope, it's not pronounced “R-V-C-A.” Sorry.

RVCA is an art enclave under the guise of a clothing label. No one around these parts is a stranger to the Costa Mesa-based clothing company. As one of the first brands to adeptly mesh fashion with lifestyle, music, art and culture, RVCA has been closely linked to the surf/skate community, though they really aren't an extreme-sports company, either. The brand does sponsor both a surf and a skate team, but it is also involved with several contemporary art galleries and “lowbrow” artists, such as Ed Templeton and Neckface. They've even featured the art of Mark Mothersbaugh in a recent exhibition as well as on some special-edition T-shirts. And RVCA sponsors plenty of musicians as well, like white-boy dance-rap artist (yeah, I know) Mickey Avalon and OC resident golden child Matt Costa.

It also didn't take me very long to realize RVCA went well beyond the typical surf/skate company's usual m.o.—the snoozy monochromatic graphic tee—with simple-yet-stylish contemporary pieces like that men's military coat I wanted to steal off the back of my friend or their delicious women's skinny jeans with the zippered ankles that channel Vivian Westwood. RVCA is also one of the first brands associated with the surf/skate community that delves into the realm of higher fashion—it's the reason why you can buy RVCA everywhere from Fred Segal and Nordstrom to specialty stores such as HSS in Huntington Beach.

And this Friday through Saturday, RVCA will be hosting their annual Warehouse Sale at their HQ in Costa Mesa, so here's your chance to get some (heavily discounted) digs—sans that Fred Segal price tag.

RVCA Summer Warehouse Sale, 919 Sunset Dr., Costa Mesa, (949) 548-6223; Fri., 9 a.m.-6 p.m.; Sat., 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

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