“Trick My Truck” Rolls Into Costa Mesa

As you no doubt already know, having marked your calendar, set your Blackberry alarm and tattooed it on your forehead, the fifth episode from the fifth season of Trick My Truck premieres at 9:30 p.m. April 4 on CMT, “America's most popular country music network.”

You have inked, pressed buttons and inked some more because this is the episode that focuses on the Gauthiers of Costa Mesa. First, for those not in the CMT or Trick My Truck know, the reality show is like MTV's Pimp My Ride for the Blue Collar Comedy Tour set. Trick My Truck follows a regular crew of mechanics, body workers and painters — including Kelvin Locklear,
Matt Moore, Steve Harrah, Allen Harrah, Ryan “Ryno” Templeton and
Rob Richardson — who “steal” the rigs of selfless, hardworking folks and surprise them with tricked-out makeovers.

Todd Gauthier quit his beloved truck driving
for a higher paying job so he could put his son Brian through college. Now that junior is finishing school, he wants to
reward dad by getting him back on the road. Really, that's the reason. Pay no attention to those “Raging Kegger at Brian Gauthier's” fliers.

“In this very
special episode of Trick My Truck” (I am not shitting you; that's what the email from the show's publicists says), Todd Gauthier is hired by MTV (which shares the same parent company with CMT) to drive a truck for the national tour of the Rock Band video game
competition. To get him ready, the Trick My Truck crew rolls out a rolling rock 'n roll ride that you apparently have to see to believe.

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