Time for Boston To Give Us Their Crown as the Kings of Bigotry

Let the baseball pundits obsess over whether your Angels will finally beat the Boston Red Sox in the playoffs next week–I care about stripping from Beantown what's now rightfully ours: the title of most-racist 'burb in America.

For decades, critics rightfully deemed Boston as the country's most racist big city, and seriously: what do you expect from a town where micks and goombahs have long dominated politics, culture and demographics (ethnic Catholics, as we wabs have shown here, make fine racists), and had to fight Brahmins (the WASP kind, not the cool ones) to get there? Go read the biographies of Boston Celtics legend Bill Russell if you don't believe me. And the desegregatin' buses of the 1970s further solidified the city's racist image. Coupled with an unhealthy obsession over Larry Bird, fan antagonism toward Jim Rice, and the curious worship of scrappy (read: gabacho) Red Sox players, and outsiders might understand why as recently as 2004, Barry Bonds refused to even entertain the thought of playing in Boston.

But that was so long ago. Seriously: what has Boston done in the past 20 years to justify its label as the Land of Bigotry? Orange County, on the other hand? Well, I don't really have to repeat what I write about nearly every week, do I? You know I do!
Minutemen. Barbara Coe. La Voz de Aztlan. Prop. 8 mega-funder Howard F. Ahmanson, Jr. Tan Nguyen. Allan Mansoor. Goat Boy Adam Gadahn. CCIR. Too many skinheads to count. Pedophile apologists. Mater Dei. Robert Morey. Chuck Smith. I could go on, but I won't.

Okay, just two more, Angel-related points. While Red Sox fans got over their aversion of swarthy players and embraced Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz when they were winning World Series titles, quite a few Halos followers still can't get over the fact that their best players are dark-skinned South Americans and Caribbeans. And white supremacists have been known to troll around for recruits after Angels games in the Angels Stadium parking lot–a couple of years ago, a Weekly intern gave me a CD of white power music some dipshits gave her (an Asian girl) after a Halos victory. The waste of music was a project of the National Alliance to introduce high schoolers to their idiocy.

Of course, I'm not implying that all Angels fans are racist–muchos wabs are part of their ranks–nor that all Orange Countians are, just the majority and definitely in our collective psyche. But no one can dispute we demolish Boston at hate. Now, it's time to teach the rest of the country this. Give us our crown, chowderheads!

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