Thursday's Headlines N Surprises: Dana caught a wave!

  • Where Do Broken Hearts Go? Orange County, it seems. This week singer Robert Barisford Brown—better known as Bobby Brown–filed suit against his wife, Whitney Houston, in OC Superior Court. His grievance? She won’t let him see his 14-year-old daughter. Why file in OC? Brown, 38, claims Houston, 44, moved here for her latest attempt at drug rehabilitation and is living large at his expense in some “posh” hotel. (Montage?!?!) Not sure how far the case will go. A judge has already given Houston sole custody of the couple’s daughter.
  • Journalist Sucker Punched: There have been some fine news folks who’ve worked in OC journalism over the years, but none better than J.R. Moehringer. I chatted with Moehringer during some political event we both covered years ago and I think it’s fair to say that he wasn’t pleased that in the LA Times empire he’d been assigned here. Since that stint, he’s only written a best-selling memoir, won a Pulitzer Prize for feature writing and seen one of his articles turned into a movie starring Samuel L. Jackson, Alan Alda and Josh Harnett. But the movie Resurrecting the Champ “is so irksome” to Dana Parsons at the Times because Harnett’s role—based on Moehringer—makes the journalist in the flick both lazy and unethical. Writes Parsons, “All the things the movie says the reporter didn’t do—ask the boxing experts, check the archives, talk to Satterfield’s relatives, be skeptical—the real-life Moehringer did.” To him, the movie “resembles dangerous propaganda.” In the film, the story takes place in Denver. In reality, it was Santa Ana.
  • Matt Leinart Watch: The Arizona Republic reported yesterday that Santa Ana Mater Dei’s Matt Leinart is making women “swoon” again. This time the onetime USC football quarterback and current Arizona Cardinal has made the cover of . . . drum roll . . . Animal Fair, according to the paper. Talk about great timing. On the heals of the Michael Vick publicity disaster, the NFL can point to Leinart and Hunter, his German shepherd, and Max, his bulldog. Money quote: “I believe puppy love is out there.”

    Pour him some milk.

  • Dana has an idea! It took $500 billion, four years and a couple thousand dead soldiers, but Dana Rohrabacher (R-Skipped Vietnam War Combat Duty) finally caught a wave! The self-styled “Surfin’ Congressman” has abandoned his backing of W’s ridiculous Iraq War strategy. According to Alicia Robinson at the Daily Pilot, Rohrabacher wants the citizens of Iraq to vote to keep or send U.S. troops home. “When we talk about democracy, if we really mean it we should give the Iraqis the chance to vote on the most important issue confronting them today,” he told Robinson. “This may well be an avenue in which, if they don’t want us there, Americans can withdraw with honor.” The congressman recently returned from a European vacation that included fellow OC GOP pal Mike Schroeder, an outspoken critic of the Bush quagmire.
  • Is Port the Left Side? The Lido Yacht Expo is opening on Thursday, Sept. 6! The three-day event at Lido Marina Village in Newport Beach promises “an upscale in-the-water show” of more than 250 vessels. Among the features: a $5.75 million 92 Paragon Motor Yacht, The Ocean Alexander 80, The Cheoy Lee 103 and The Viking 67 Sports Cruiser. Did you know famous OC criminal defense lawyer Joe Cavallo (Haidl gang rape fame) parks his yacht in these waters? Yep. Admission will be $12 for adults. Kids under 12 are free, but please keep an eye on them. For more information, contact:

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