The OC Register Needs to Stop Respecting CCIR

The Orange County Register did another immigration story over the weekend, this one interviewing Know Nothings and saints on opposite sides of the issue. I understand that reporter Cindy Carmaco has to adhere to trying to antagonize the Know Nothings as little as possible lest she receive dozens of nasty phone calls and email like every Reg reporter who ever covers SanTana and immigration, and thus must refer to any anti-immigrant loon as “anti-illegal-immigrant.” But seriously, Cindy's editors: let your writer report the truth.

She interviewed Barbara Coe, the queen of the modern-day Know Nothing movement and head of the Southern Poverty Law Center-designated hate group California Coalition for Immigration Reform. Besides referring to CCIR as a mere “anti-illegal-immigration group,” Carmaco also lets Coe crow about her wacky email blasts. “Our direct e-mail list is well over 500 people but beyond that a good
many of our direct e-mail lists are group leaders of other groups
throughout the nation. It could get up to the thousands,” the living cigarette boasts.

Reg editors: CCIR doesn't just hate the illegals. If so, why do they rail constantly about Muslims, or want Sikhs deported? And that email list! No constant publication since Congressman James Utt's rantings has been more hilariously hideous–just go through our archives to see Babs rail against vaccines, proudly proclaim herself a Birther, and wish the swine flu on our president. Is this really a good source on the immigration debate, Register?

In Coe's latest email rant, she doesn't like her Wikipedia entry. We agree: nowhere is there ALL CAPS WRITING, and it's much too kind to this wretch.

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