The New Reg Regime

The Register has -somewhat- reported that their publisher, N. Christian Anderson III, is on his way out, and Terry Horne of the East Valley Tribune is settling into his seat.

I say somewhat because while the Reggie's article says who is taking Anderson's job, it doesn't touch upon the all-important WHY he is leaving or whether the decision is of his own accord.

Anderson leaves the Freedom Communications Inc. family after winning the award Editor N Publisher's 2007 Publisher of The Year and putting in 27 years at the company. His last day will be Sept. 15.

The murky reporting was not lost on readers, as seen in the comments below the online article:

One says, “No info on Horne's age, education, years in the business,family, philanthropic interests, objectives for the paper, etc. It's obvious he was brought on the Arizona paper to take over for Anderson since the buyout. Hope the paper regains a focus on reporting and focusing on regional issues that the community papers can't or won't.”


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Photo of Anderson via LAT.

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