Suspected OC Al-Qaeda Sympathizer Read La Voz de Aztlan

Ahmadullah Sais Niazi is currently out on bail while the United States government determines whether to prosecute the Tustin resident for previously lying about his ties to Al Qaeda, of which this week's cover boy, Craig Monteilh, says Niazi was a fan. Nick Schou's excellent story also has this interesting tidbit:

Monteilh didn't just secretly record Niazi, but he also kept what he
claims are copies of all his e-mail communications with him, which he
provided to the Weekly. Most of the messages are simply links
to various websites and YouTube video clips with subject titles such as
“Check this out.” Many of the links no longer work, but the ones that
are still valid direct viewers to everything from Arabic instructional
websites to clips of such 9/11-conspiracy movies as Loose Change,
which posits that the infamous attacks were an inside job. Although
many of the e-mails contain essays that are paranoid, distasteful,
anti-Semitic and pro-radical-Islam, none of them even comes close to
being evidence of any kind of a terrorist plot.

Among the articles Niazi forwarded was one by the notorious gay-bashing, Jew-trashing La Voz de Aztlan. In a December 2006 email obtained by the Weekly, Niazi forwarded a 2003 La Voz de Aztlan stool dropping that purports to show pictures of Iraqi women getting raped by American armed forced (sole writer Hector Carreon, of course, blamed the Jews). Problem with those pictures, however, was that they were stills from a porno website that was nowhere near Iraq.

The funniest thing about Niazi's email is that it inadvertently makes me believe one of Carreon's conspiracies. A couple of years ago, Carreon wrote a post so paranoid that you could smell acrid sweat and hear panting emanating from La Voz: he claimed that government officials went to his house and searched his computer. I marked it down as more of Carreon's lies, but that a suspected terrorist sympathizer like Niazi was reading La Voz leads me to believe other such fools also read La Voz, showing once again what an evil website it is.

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