St. Boniface Continues its Proud Pedo-Priest Tradition This Weekend!

My family is a proud product of St. Boniface Church in Anaheim–my siblings got all their sacraments through Confirmation there (I was baptized at Our Lady of Guadalupe in SanTana but received the rest at San Bonifacio), and my sisters attended its now-shuttered school. So when I say the following, you know I say the truth: we LOVE our pedophile priests! John Lenihan (the man who gave me Communion) is the most notorious example, but we also harbored at least four more.

Part of St. Boniface's pedo-priest legacy is our insistence to let bygones be bygones and let rapists roam our aisles, and we'll continue that tradition tomorrow with the welcoming of Diocese of Sacramento Bishop Jaime Soto to help celebrate the parish's 150th anniversary. Soto, of course, never diddled kids during his time at the Orange diocese as either a priest or bishop, but His Eminence sure didn't mind when others did the deed. But it's okay–after all, Soto is a man of the cloth, as some pendejo wab lawyer once said before defriending me on Facebook. And deviant bishops are always welcome at the Orange diocese–right, acolytes of pervert Patrick Ziemann?

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