Shoot me once…

'holdup.jpg'A Buena Park man who was shot in the head last August during a robbery at the liquor store he worked at was pistol-whipped until he was unconscious during a holdup at the same store Wednesday morning.

Mote Malhaus was working behind the counter at Sunshine Market and Liquor when two men in hooded sweat shirts walked in, jumped over the counter, put Malhaus in a choke hold and clocked him over the head with a gun repeatedly, The Orange County Register reported.

The Weekly placed a call to the liquor store today. Malhaus answered the phone.

Weekly: I'm trying to get in touch with Mote Malhaus.
Malhaus: I am Mote Malhaus.
Weekly: The guy who got shot in the head?
Malhaus: Yes.
Weekly: You're back at work?
Malhaus: Yes.
Weekly: Why?
Malhaus: I back to work. I am okay.
Weekly: Aren't you worried you'll get shot again?
Malhaus: I'm not worried. I am not worried about dying. I no have to deal with [robbers]. This is second time. First time, I am shot in the head; now beat up.

Apparently, the store has installed security glass after the incident for their employees' protection.

Weekly: Wow. I can't believe you went back to work. Do you think you'll get a promotion?
Malhaus: I want someone to give me a promotion. My wife. She is really going to give me a promotion.

Sunshine Market and Liquor is located at 8465 Western Ave. in Buena Park.

To read the Register story click here.

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