Sheriff Mike Carona Finally Reduces OC crime

Those who know Sheriff Mike Carona might be skeptical that a man with no street cop experience can impact local crime statistics in a dramatic, positive way. Though Carona hails himself as “America's Sheriff,” he's never solved a crime, endured a stakeout or made an arrest. He served as a court bailiff and political hack before the local Republican Party ran him for sheriff in 1998.

But Carona–in his third term at California's second largest sheriff's department despite promising to limit himself to only two terms–finally deserves applause. He has single-handedly reduced an entire crime category to zero.

No joke.

And he did it without using his trusty intelligence/personal errand/espionage unit, eyes in the sky, Michael J. Schroeder or his pals at The Orange County Register!

Learn how this modern day, martini-loving Kojak (or is it J. Edgar Hoover?) pulled off The Miracle on North Flower Street in this week's exclusive OC Weekly report, “Blazing Saddles!”

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