School Bus Driver Gets 151 Years for Molesting Little Girls

My name is Terry and I am a school bus driver
A creepy school bus driver is who I am
And I get 151 years to life in state prison
For molesting little girls and taking nasty pictures

Okay, so as a lyricist, I make a great blogger. And apologies to Cheech Marin for mangling his song. But Terry Shields, 55, of Buena Park, was sentenced
Christmas Eve to 151 years to life in state prison for molesting and taking
pornographic photographs of three little girls, two of whom he met
while driving their Los Alamitos School District bus and one whom he kidnapped by luring her
into his car with the promise of a trip to Disneyland.


Shields was found guilty by a jury on Dec. 1 of 15 felony
counts and sentencing enhancement allegations for committing lewd acts
on multiple children, substantial sexual conduct with a child, and
kidnapping to commit a sexual offense against a child. The 15 felony counts include three counts of forcible lewd acts on a
child under 14, three counts of using a minor for sex acts, and one
count of kidnapping to commit child molest for the first girl. For the second girl, Shields was found guilty of four counts of lewd acts on a child
under 14. For the third, Shields was found guilty of three
counts of lewd acts on a child under 14. He was also convicted of one
count of possession of child pornography.

At Shields' sentencing, the mother of the third girl requested the monster
receive the maximum sentence, saying that she will never know the
full extent of what he did to her young daughter because the girl's disability makes it impossible for her to communicate what happened. Mom added that Shields not only hurt the children he molested but their families and friends.

The Orange County District Attorney's breakdown of Shields' sick crimes follows:

Jane Doe #1, age 7
On the morning of June 9, 2004, Jane Doe #1 was walking to school in
Anaheim. Shields, who did not know Jane Doe #1, pulled over in his car
and lured the victim into his vehicle with the promise of taking her to
Disneyland. He assured her that he would let her mother know. Once Jane
Doe #1 was in the car, he ordered her to get into the trunk and
kidnapped her by driving the victim from Anaheim to his Buena Park home. Shields made Jane Doe #1 take off her clothing and pose naked as he
took graphic, sexual photos of her. He sexually assaulted the victim by
rubbing his penis against her. After several hours of photographing and
molesting the child, Shields dropped Jane Doe #1 off at a nearby
McDonalds. A woman found the victim wandering in the parking lot and
called 9-1-1.

Jane Doe #2, age 11, and Jane Doe #3, age 5
Shields met Jane Doe #2 and Jane Doe #3, who suffered from a mental
disability, while working as a bus driver for the Los Alamitos School
District.The defendant gained the trust of the victims' parents in
order to gain access to the two girls. Between November 2000 and December 2003, Shields sexually assaulted
Jane Doe #2 while he was alone with the victim. The defendant sexually
touched and took graphic, sexually explicit photographs of the naked
child. During the same time period, Shields sexually assaulted Jane Doe #3
while he was alone with the victim. The defendant took graphic,
sexually explicit photographs of the naked victim. The defendant's body
parts, including his hands and penis, were captured in some of the
photographs. Shields molested the victim by sexually touching her.

Los Angeles County Case
On October 4, 2006, Shields was seen viewing child pornography on a
computer at a cyber cafN in Bellflower. A disgusted cafN employee
flagged down a passing police officer as he was leaving work to alert
them about Shields, who was arrested at the scene. The defendant was
found to be in possession of dozens of discs and computer files
depicting graphic child pornography, some featuring infants and
toddlers. A subsequent search of Shields' car revealed that the defendant was in
possession of sexual paraphernalia, photographic equipment, and lures
for children including toys and candy. Further investigation by the
Los Angeles Sheriff's Department and the Sexual Assault Felony
Enforcement (SAFE) Team, found graphic pornographic images on video
tapes and CDs of thousands of unidentified children in the defendant's
home. SAFE is a federal task force aimed at preventing Internet crimes
against children by targeting online predators and those who possess,
produce, or distribute child pornography. As a result of the investigation, Jane Doe #1 was identified as one of
the victims depicted in the pornographic images. Victims Jane Doe #2
and Jane Doe #3 were also identified as victims.

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