Santa Ana City Council to Put Fix in on Trolley Project Tonight

It's been almost to the year since I last wrote about how the SanTana City Council would most likely award a light-rail contract to Cordoba Corporation, a company whose president George Pla sits on the SanTana Business Bank alongside councilmember Busty Bustamante. I theorized a scam of Chinatown-esque proportions, in which Busty and Don Papi Pulido would maneuver to get Cordoba the contract instead of more-qualified bidders, which would make Cordoba fabulously rich and get the SanTana Business Bank fabulously rich and create a transit system that would launch Don Papi's much-dreamed-about Renaissance Plan and make him fabulously rich and so on and so on.

Well, we're now through the looking glass here, people. Tonight, the SanTana City Council will vote to authorize City Manager Dave Ream to negotiate a contract with Cordoba for them to do a technical analysis on Don Papi Pulido's streetcar desires. Busty definitely better not vote on this project due to him receiving dinero from Cordoba folks and his connection to Pla. More–much more–on this story as it unfolds just like I called it…

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