Rohrabacher's Appalling Flatulence

In case you missed it, you can find video of Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Surfin') speculating about the effects of dinosaur flatulence here. And no, booze was not involved in the congressman's ramblings. Probing the effects of dinosaur farting is just something Rohrabacher sees as part of his official duties, one of the ways in which he serves the interests of his constituents.

The question about the noxious gas emitted by thunder-lizards was part of the noxious gas Rohrabacher emitted during last week's Congressional hearing on the new IPCC report on global climate change. The report spelt out in unequivocal language the role of human activity in climate change, and its disastrous consequences. But the Surfin' One doesn't believe in the human role in global warming that scientists have so clearly documented. He don't hold with all that science and fancy book-learnin'. Hence, his kindergarten-level question about dinosaur farts.

To be fair, this must be a difficult time of year for the Pride of Huntington Beach. It's movie award season. And Dana Rohrabacher is, after all, more than just an embarrassing congressman, he's also a failed screenwriter. So far, the only producer to show real interest in any of his screenplays was a con man looking for Rohrabacher to help him make connections in D.C. Rohrabacher did his part, but the con man ended up being carted off to prison instead of producing Baja (a tale of men doing manly things in Mexico), crushing one more Hollywood dream. So, with Oscar night hard upon us, and no one showing an interest in such masterpieces as Rohrabacher's The French Doctoresse (which stands out from other WWII dramas, thanks to “its oddly positive depiction of Adolf Hitler“), is it any wonder that Dana Rohrabacher's head is full of nothing but bad gas?

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