Robert Morey Still Up to his Resume-Stretching

Remember Robert Morey, the self-proclaimed Islam expert who runs Faith Community Church in Irvine? Last March, the Weekly examined many of his outrageous claims–that he's on a Hamas death list, that the Los Angeles Police Department consulted with him to make sure local Muslims wouldn't kill cops during raids, that he received a doctorate in Islamic Studies–and found them seriously laughing. After calling him out on the latter matter, Morey admitted he doesn't possess such a degree, telling me at the time, “his doctorate is in theology, with an emphasis on Islam.”

Flash forward to today, when I discovered Morey is now a blogger. On his resumé, he still lists that he received a “PhD. from [Louisiana Baptist University] in Islamic Studies.” But LBU still doesn't list a doctorate in Islamic Studies as one of its graduate programs. When I asked him about it last year, Morey claimed “he was the first and only student to receive such a degree from the school.” Being a PhD. in Theology and a PhD. in Islamic Studies are two very different things–so why is Morey still insisting on the latter? We're all ears, Bob!

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