Rick Warren Reaps the Anti-Gay Pastors that He Sowed in Uganda

The big story in the international gay community in the past couple of weeks has been a proposed bill in Uganda that would essentially make homosexuality punishable by death. Much heat has been placed on Saddleback Church pastor Rick Warren, because he had a long-term partnership with one Martin Ssempa, one of the most vocal homophobes in the African country. Purpose-Driven® Rick has lamely, gamely tried to distance himself from the controversy, going so far as to criticize the bill and the pastors as being un-Christian. Alas, those pastors are now furious with Warren for what they see as his kowtowing to gays.

“We note with sadness the increasing levels of accepting of the evil of 
homosexuality,” an open letter to Warren by a group of Ugandan pastors states. “The ordination of Mary Glasspool a Lesbian as a bishop
in Los Angeles without any condemnation from you, has increased the
widening  gap between the global south church in Africa and the global
north  church in Europe and America. In these increasingly dark days,
we encourage  you not to give into the temptation to water down what
the bible says so as not to offend people. Jesus's gospel is a
stumbling block, and a rock of offense.”

Merry Christmas, Rick, from your former African wards! Ain't too hot playing Great White Father right now, is it? For a great critique of Warren's attempt to wash himself clean of all the gay attacks, read this.

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