Register OC Watchdog Blog Celebrates Birthday With Top 10 List

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Orange County Register's OC Watchdog blog, Teri “Don't Call Me Terry” Sforza posted the top 10 items based on page views. They are . . .

1. State considers ban on big screen TVs. Joseph. This one went nationwide, and led to many California jokes.

2. AIG subsidiary parties in style in OC, two weeks after bailout. Sforza. AIG had to cut back on the parties after this one.

3. Who's who in the badge fracas. Saavedra. Sheriff created quite a ruckus when she asked for those badges back.

4. 'Nightmare story:' retirement fund loses $300 million. Sforza. Supervisor John Moorlach detailed bleeding.

5. AIG's St. Regis blowout bill: $443,344. Sforza. Special thanks to Waxman for getting the bills for us.

6. God's quid pro quo? Sforza. Trinity Broadcasting Network hauls in a lot of money from its viewers.

7. As OC Fair graduates from cattle drive to film production, some are outraged. Sforza. The $2.5 million spent on “Al's Brain” movie proved controversial.

8. County workers get 800 job cuts, supervisors get remodels. Santana. Remodeling the lobby during financial Armageddon didn't go over well.

9. OC's dead pets enter the food chain. Mmmm. Sforza. Our very first story tells you what happens to the animals put down at the county shelter. You may never eat gummy bears again.

10. Assistant sheriff retires making more than Carona. Muir. Retirement treats Charles Walters even better than it treats Mike Carona himself.

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