Register Exposes Backroom Dealings on Sheriff's Whistleblower Lawsuit

Thanks to ex-Sheriff Mike Carona, our infamous two-faced Master of Disasters, local taxpayers may have to give convicted felon George Jaramillo $750,000 to settle his lawsuit alleging that Carona, also a convicted felon, illegally fired him as assistant sheriff in 2004.
Read all the details in a noteworthy report by Orange County Register sleuth Norberto Santana Jr., who obtained a confidential government legal memo suggesting the potential strength of Jaramillo's whistleblower claim that Carona violated California's Peace Officer Bill of Rights by firing him after leaks of the onetime top cop's propensity for cheating.
Carona, once ridiculously hailed by CNN as “America's sheriff,” awaits punishment on April 27 for sabotaging a federal grand jury investigating corruption at the the top of the Orange County Sheriff's Department.
Jaramillo's civil trial is set to begin this week.

–R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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