Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Week: ACFU Edition

Maybe all the hot weather of late has made the haters sluggish, but this was a particularly slow week for racist commentary in the


Not surprisingly, the majority of folks who commented on this story supported the DA's efforts to crack down on the Orange Varrio gang. Most also wrote in to attack the ACLU for sticking up for “criminals” and “gangbangers,” despite the fact that the ACLU is only representing people the DA took off their list of gang members. More than one reader suggested the ACLU should be “burned to the ground. However, first let's take a look at a few of the comments from people who think the gang injunction itself is racist:
*The Orange Gang Injunction is racism, pure and simple. Orange has the reputation of beings the most racist city in America. I won't be part of the gang injunction because I'm white. However, when it comes to Latinos and Blacks, it business as usual to round up minorities and lock them up on any excuse. Shame on anyone who supports this form of racism.

*Racists live in Orange County. Always have, always will. Don't look for justice here if you are Mexican.
Now, on to the fun stuff!
*The ACLU is determind to make the US Mexico.

*Do not give any money to ACLU, and let them starve as they like politics and take advantage of the system to support the gang activities That is the reason why US is going down without the future
with illegal immigration, gang activities, unemployment, and the poverty rate is increasing.

Hmm. Sounds kinda racist to me. But don't tell that to one self-described “Chicano/Mexican-American/Latino/Hispanic and whatever else people want to call me” reader:

*As a Chicano/Mexican-American/Latino/Hispanic and whatever else people want to call me….I am ashamed of all of the cowards that play the race card every time something happens to these pathetic gangsters! It does not matter what their website says, Oldcop said it best…they are the American Criminal Liberator's Union! If you live anywhere near a gang area then you know the fear that people in those neighborhoods live with on a daily basis. Anybody out there defending these animals or claiming that these injunctions are “racist” are pathetic and you should do us all a favor and jump off the Empire State Building! I want to live in a place where I can walk to the store without seeing some stupid gangster or stupid tagging on a business wall. Doesn't anybody care about where they live anymore?

I don't want to hear any bull crap about people being racist! If you don't like people talking crap about our culture then stop acting like animals and stop defending these animals!

Act like a human and you will be treated like a human!

One white reader agreed: 

*outstanding post, you oughta be proud. Oh wait a minute, I am a white male and live in Orange so I must be racist. Therefore, I take back my comment! Just kidding! hahahahaha.

Another reader felt that the Register was trying to fool the public by highlighting a photo of Miguel Lara, one of the Cypress residents the ACLU is representing, because the photo shows that he clearly doesn't look anything like your stereotypical cholo. This particular reader's tirade about “terdds” doesn't make a lot of sense, but seems have something to do with “baby mamas.”

*What's the back story on the kid in the photo? Hardly looks like a gangster, which would be by design for the photo op. You can dress up a terdd but it's stil a terdd.
Gang injunctions are wonderful tools for the cops and prosecutors when done RIGHT, naming bonafide,known, identified, gang members with a criminal backround and ties to a particular gang. If you're part of a street gang (urban terrorists) your rights should be revoked including your ability to pro-create. I don't care that you could be the person that finds the cure for cancer in the future. Right now, you're a punk and a terrorist or hang with them and have no redeeming social value. I'm sure your mama thinks you're an angel and you like puppies and your “baby mama” thinks you're a great provider because you go with her on the bus to the WIC store. Only the American Criminal Liberators Union would try to destroy one of the most efective tools law enforcement has at their diposal.

Now, back to the ACLU haters:

*I would suggest that the ACLU is an “egregious abuse of inefficient and useless power. Burn the ACLU to the ground

*One is not racist if they want to live free of terror. And if we are so racist go home! I am only against criminals…which by definition includes illegals because they committed a federal crime by coming to America. I don't think I should have fear driving around town with the window down. I find it interesting that the ACLU hasn't gone after other cities that have similar injunctions(Just curious). Orange is not and will not be the last city to get these injunctions.

*The ACLU scares the crap out of me. If they had their way (and they usually do) minorities could do whatever they want. They are also responsible for illegals being able to get welfare. Someone should take them down.