Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Week: “Weed 'Em Out!”

Hello haters! Here we go with another edition of…

Let's talk about illegals, shall we?

Two fun stories this week. The first one is by Cindy Carcamo–and we know where this señorita's sympathies lie, don't we? It concerns an effort by PATRIOTIC AMERICANS to put something on the June Ballot called the California Taxpayer's Protection Act. Now, who could disagree with that? All it tries to do is prevent babies who are born here to illegal alien padres and madres (like our own Gustavo Arellano) from automatically receiving U.S. citizenship. Carcamo bends over backwards to criticize this worthy goal by quoting some “expert” who argued that the anchor babies in question can only apply to have their parents become citizens too after they reach 21 years of age.

Here's how some REAL AMERICANS who are sick and tired of TACOS and NINOS and “EL NINO MEXICAN CITIES” reacted to the “illegal loving” Register's cowardly HIT PIECE:


*think it is a shame when Legal Tax Paying Americans feel that they need to
move out of the US to have a good life, that breaks my heart. Where are the
bleeding hearts for us? Where is our help? Right now a vast majority of our
schools are full to capacity, many with illegals. American children are the
ones paying the price. I feel bad for the one or two little white,black,
asian kids that get picked daily in schools that are 70%+ hispanic. Where is
the rights for those children? Seems like the schools might as well be
seragated again. Most already are. With the exceptions of a couple of
whites, blacks and asians trapped in el nino mexico cities. What do we do
with the few american kids that are forced to interact with illegals?
Getting disrespected day in and day out. They cant even stick up for
themselves, without being called racist, it is horrible what this country
has allowed.

* wow you need to pull your head out of the sand. I am sure the multitude of
mexicans waiting in the emergency rooms to get their weekly health check up
are all planning on becoming legal citizens just the same as they are
planning on paying that ER bill.

If you are here wanting to be a citizen, you come here, you get yourself a
work visa while you are waiting your turn in line but you DO NOT stand in a
home depot parking lot, 7-11 parking lot or any other parking lot that you
feel like waiting for work.

* My white grandson lives in Santa Ana in what I call the gated bario. ALL
the kids on the playground, at lunch, before and after school and their
parents always speak spanish (except in the classroom). When he attempted to
play with them, they told him he could play only if he gave them money. His
schoolwork consists of rearranging words in a sentence so the English is
correct. HE IS IN THE FIFTH GRADE! He knows how to phrase a sentence. One
question was, “What is the root word of illegal?” Answer: “”Legal.” So now
the ESL kids are being brainwashed into thinking illegal really means legal.
My son was pulled over in Santa Ana and the cop told him outright he pulled
him over because he was in Santa Ana and white! I'm putting my grandson in
private school next year, while I pay for the illegals to remain in our
country and in our schools.. at my expense. Thanks federal law enforcement.

* So now that these anchor babies are here and in our school systems, we
can't teach them in english because that would be racist and insensitive. We
continue to allow them to refuse to learn the 'national' language, refuse to
assimilate in the culture of their 'adoptive country', and run this great
country into the like of Tijuana. What are we, France? They are criminals!
Send them back to their country! This is not racims it is nationalism. I
don't care if they are purple and from mars, fire up a rocket and send them
back with a bill attached to it!

Want more proof that the Register loves ILLEGALS? Check out this story
by Salvador Hernandez–see a pattern with these staff writer surnames,
folKKKs?  It concerns a gardener of a certain Hispanic persuasion who
allegedly flashed a lady while on the job–and the Reg didn't even
bring up the word “ILLEGAL.” But that didn't stop real Americans from
getting right to the point: this guy has a Hispanic surname and works
as a gardener, therefore he obviously entered this country ILLEGALLY!

*not only does our government condone this but obama plans to give 12-20
million amnesty next year, which of course will lead to citizenship. It's
either learn to live with this and expect it as the norm or join
numbersusa.com and do something about it. Also Department of Homeland
Security's QHSR starts Sept.28. go to their website and sign up. It's a
rating system of their priorities and you can leave your own comments and
ideas. I go heavy on protect the borders and allow border patrol to do do
their job without the threat of going to prison. As long as the border
patrol can't do anything but scare them back in the bushes or deport them if
caught why would they be afraid to cross over Get deported? try again

*How do we know he's 27 years old or anything else about him for that
matter? Cops are just guessing as they do about all “visitors” to this
country from mexico.I'm sure hes already destroyed many a young girls life
because he cant suppress his urges.And our government condones this

* I wonder how many habitual sex offenders, child molestors, rapists,
murderers, theives, etc. the Federal Gov has let waltz across our border
unchecked and allowed to stay and work tax free and collect public benefits?
Since no one bothers to do anything about it, we'll never know.

*weed'em out! one by one!

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