Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Week: Laguna Edition

Usually this column focuses on folks who hate Mexicans, immigrants, poor people, non-white people and “Third World peasants” who come to this country to build “clown houses”–yes, we're still scratching our heads about what the hell that means, although apparently it has something to do with Mexicans. But this week, we're taking a break to examine the reaction among Register readers to a local news story that ran earlier this week about two gentlemen in Laguna Beach who were arrested for committing a most horrendous sex crime, thus setting the stage for yet another edition of…

Let's get straight to the story in question, which ran on Aug. 30. Here it is in it's entirety:

“Police arrested two men today on suspicion of having sex on a
stranger's lawn. The incident occurred in broad daylight, police said, in the 1000 block of
Gaviota Drive, which is a neighborhood of multi-million-dollar homes near Thalia Street Beach, on the ocean side of Coast Highway. Police Sgt. George Ramos said the home's owner called police at 12:57 p.m. to report that the men had just finished having sex and had walked off.


“We were able to locate them within 10 minutes, and the homeowner identified
them,” Ramos said.

pair were homeless men who live in Laguna Beach, he said. They
were booked into the Laguna Beach Jail and charged with lewd conduct in

Well, it comes as no surprise that this glorified news
brief of a story quickly became one of the most widely-read articles on
the Register's website. Although it racked up 200 comments,
almost all of them were censored for either containing anti-gay slurs
or foul language, or both. Read on to see reader reactions that
survived the delete button. And yes, since you ask, at least one Register reader managed to blame homeless gay sex on illegal immigration.


*Wait they were sent to jail???? Well that's like putting a kid in a candy store!!!

bad the police didn't get there in time to taser them while in the act.
No wait, they would have thought that was the best sex they'd ever had!

*I know what I would have done had these two you-know-whats been doing this on my front lawn!!

would have released the hounds on those two perverts and let the
dogs chase them down the street with their pants down. That would have
been priceless comedy. So many problems in life can be solved by owning
a couple of good dogs……

*The city council and manager are
all responsible for this, because of their sick liberal human rights
views of illegal aliens and transients. Then they tried to get ride of
some of the transients and their own ACLU friends sued them. One sick
city that deserves what they got.

*In Laguna Beach don't ever
bend over backwards for anyone. lol Sorry but I guess this story will
be the “butt” of all jokes for a long time. Lol

*I can't wait
until the ACLU sues for the homeless to have sex in your front yard.
They can already sleep, piss, fight, get drunk and camp anywhere
they want in town. Main beach is turning into a dump!

*Laguna Beach is one big sick pit hole. The city council of that pit hole gets the city they deserve!

*I agree….Ewwwwwwwww!

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