Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Week: “Go Whites!”

This week's story is an Aug. 7 column by the Orange County Register's Martin Wisckol, “Whites a minority in California, but still a majority of voters.” The story was based on recent Field Poll data that showed that while Whites make up only 43 percent of the state, they represent 65 percent of voters. Latinos, meanwhile, the story noted, “now account for 37 percent of the population but just 21 percent of
registered voters,” the majority of whom vote for Democratic candidates. Meanwhile “Asians comprise 14 percent of the population and 8
percent of voters” and “Blacks are 6 percent of both the population and the
voter rolls.”

It didn't take long for hundreds of comments to turn this piece into one of the most widely read stories of the week. Dozens of them were removed for violating the Register's code of conduct which prohibits racial slurs and personal attacks, but enough of them survived the censor's delete button to give us more than enough bile for yet another installment of….

What follows is a representative but by no means comprehensive sampling of how many white readers reacted to this story. As always, the comments aren't edited for spelling, punctuation, or least of all, general suckiness. Enjoy!

*Charles Barkley once said “Poor People have been voting for Democrats for
the last 50 years,……..and they are still poor” I guess this sums up why Latinos have in the past, currently and will continue to vote Democrat in very large numbers.

* I'm not worried. The Republic of California is to be renamed shortly: California, a province of China. Under new management, the Chinese don't need competition for their illiterate peasants; there's too many of them. So, heyho, the Mexicans will finally go. A dream finally come true.

*Since whites are a minority now, does that qualify us for all the special welfare programs, and school assistance that the illegals get?

* Let's stick to the facts here: some groups (on average) do have lower IQs, lower productivity, higher crime, and deplorable living standards. So maybe, just maybe, a complex and technologically advanced society like the USA isn't the best fit for them….The Chinese killed off too many female babies, and the Japanese aren't even making babies anymore.
But that is beside the point. The point is that Asians only make up 4% of the US population, and since they do not breed like cockroaches or stream across an unguarded border, they are highly unlikely to significantly increase that percentage.

* gotta love it………if you are white and speak up, you are racist. anything else, you are agrass roots organization fighting for your rights. we all know sme kind of revolt is coming that will make the race riots in the 60's look like child play so you might as well all get used too it

*Between all the illegals in California, it's any wonder there is any room left for the white people. Between just the illegal Mexicans and Asians, we get less and less everyday.

* When I grew up in santa ana it was safe to be out after dark, when the “others” started moving in, white people moved out.Look at this dump now.

*Go Whites!! We have to save this country and what it was founded on. Make it the country it used to be, please. Bring back civilization and morals before it's too late.

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