Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Week: Disappearing Comments Edition

Not sure why, but when I sat down to write up this column today, all the comments on all the hot-button stories on the OC Register website appear to have been disabled. Could it be that the overworked censors on Grand Street just decided to hit the nuke button? Either that or my computer sucks, in which case, my apologies. Either way, it's a bummer because, despite a reader's comment last week that I have to dig deep to find racist comments each week to fill enough copy for my Friday column…

…I actually had two great stories to choose from: this one about one in four folks responding to a Register poll saying they'd vote for a pro-white political party, and this one about a non-fatal stabbing at Sonora High School in La Habra.

I wish I could share the comments from the first story, but I can't find them. I know they're there somewhere. But I did manage to collect a few comments on the Sonora HS stabbing story before they all disappeared. Here they are, and keep in mind that the story never mentioned the race of either the victim or the assailant, but that this didn't stop a lot of folks from placing blame squarely on the shoulders of that pesky liberal social engineering policy of racial integration:

*Bussing NEVER worked. Even black leaders were upset in LA and Boston
claiming it broke up traditional neighborhoods and was patronizing, where a
black student needed to sit by a white student to learn. Bussing destroyed
the LAUSD. If a disadvantaged and bright student wanted to go to a good
school,they can. Forced bussing and racially balancing schools will NEVER,
EVER work.

*Attended Millikan High School in east Long Beach. Solid, middle class area
at the time. By the time my youngest sister went 12 years later, the school had a tubular
steel fence around it with locked gates. Why? Forced busing. Drive-by shootings. Gangs. Drugs. Students couldn't read or sit on the lawn in front of the school. The
suburban high school had all the trappings of an inner-city school, thanks
to myopic, lowest-common denominator thinking.

*We take problem kids out of blighted or transitional areas people try to leave behind. We then send them to the better schools, where they bring their inner-city lifestyle, belief system, and “core values” with them. Students in even the better schools pay the price. For example, with forced integration, streetwise ghetto toughs strong-armed suburban kids for their
lunch money. This is precisely what happened in Los Angeles, which is one reason the Los
Angeles Unified School District is now primarily minority. Those who could
left. Who really won?

That's it for this week, ladies and gents. Any reader who can figure out what happened to all these wonderful comments, please feel free to comment below. And yes, that includes you, Beeeezling. Welcome back!

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