Racist Obama Imagery at St. Jude Medical Center in Fullerton

From a source…

As I opened the door of the examination room after an appointment with my St. Jude physician, I came face to face with a political Photoshop disaster of President Obama's face superimposed on a feathered witch doctor complete with bone in nose. The title below the image said, “Obamacare” “Coming to a clinic near you.” with the C replaced by a Soviet hammer and sickle. The picture was posted in plain view on an x-ray light box just outside the examination room. I was speechless and just wanted to get out of there. I was so angry when I left and regret not saying anything in protest while the doctor was briefly in my presence.

A doctor's office is absolutely not the place for such a blatant political attack that can anger and alienate patients such as myself. This image showed no compassion toward his patients who pay costly medication prices while coping 24/7 with chronic conditions. Not only was this heartless, it's obviously racist. It seems he just doesn't care and has an utter disregard for the care and well being of his patients. It's hard enough feeling happy and upbeat after a doctor visit and this image is a slap in the face to those he should so caringly serve. I am still seething from this experience and will never visit this doctor again.

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