Pink Lipgloss And Free Beer

Last night, I went to the Jane magazine/Rimmel Cosmetics party at the Beauty Bar in LA. Just because it was a Tuesday didn’t stop me from going out. I know our beloved Orange County can rock midweek, but it doesn’t hurt to see how our globally famous northern neighbor does it and maybe take some notes. I also went because these kind of shindigs usually give pretty good swag (I can’t say no to free makeup). And there was an open bar (again, can’t say no).

The Beauty Bar is the ultimate example of Kitschy Chic. Bubble-gum-pink walls caked with glitter frame original ‘50s beauty posters with slogans such as “Lipstick makes you pretty!” During the day, it serves as a beauty salon (Martini with your manicure? My favorite is the Platinum Blonde), and at night turns into one of LA’s coolest little spots.


It was packed by 9:30 p.m., but my friend Michelle and I found two seats (or salon hair dryers, really, with beehive attachments that were at least 50 years old. And pink, of course). Ladies made up about 90 percent of the incredibly well-dressed crowd; the rest were a few poor boyfriends that had been dragged along, as well as a few hot, hot eye-candy bartenders shaking cocktail mixers.

I love it when they do that.

The Rimmel event coordinator grabbed my wrist and asked, “Have you had your makeup done yet?”

I had a little bit on, but I could always use more. I smiled. You see, deep down, I really am the girliest of girly girls. Don’t tell anyone.

She navigated me through the crowd and sat me down in front of the makeup pixie.

“What would you like?” she squeaked.

I can pick? Is this heaven?

The sparkly Hot-Ass-Neon-Pink Lip Gloss, please.

Well, now, I couldn’t be seen drinking free Coronas with my new fancy lip gloss (especially with all the Jane photographers flashing around—I would just die!), so I switched to free cosmos (to match, of course).

Party tip: If you might get your picture taken, it is infinitely classier to be seen drinking a martini or some other mixed drink than a bottled beer. Imagine: beautiful dress, hair done, impeccable makeup . . . and a Budweiser? For shame!

Everything wound down around midnight, and I left with my little bag of goodies and a sassy bounce in my step (from all the fun, not the Cosmos).

Thanks, Jane, you really know how to make a girl feel special.

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