Pete Wilson: The Orange County Connection Continues

The very first article I ever did–and I mean ever; I spent my college years trying to become a Latino Kubrick–dealt with how the Democratic Party used the spectre of former California Governor Pete “Proposition 187” Wilson to scare Latinos into voting Democrat. We haven't heard much from Pete since until this weekend, when supporters unveiled a statue of his likeness in San Diego, where he started his political career. The ceremony was marred by angry Mexicans and gays, who rightfully accused Wilson of bigotry, but we expected that. The true surprise was the brave people who signed up to fend off the inevitable wave vandals: the Irvine Company. The lords of Orange County recently acquired Horton Plaza, where Wilson's statue will stand until someone tears it down like a Tan Nguyen sign. But betcha Don Bren puts extra security there, as he definitely doesn't want to piss off someone who sits on his board of directors.

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