Orange Juice: Not From Concentrate

The great telenovela that is the Orange Juice! blog (the Weekly's Best Blog for 2007) continues. A week after the SanTana city council booted Juicer Thomas Gordon from a gang commission, and colleagues Art Pedroza and Luis Rodriguez resigned in protest, longtime SanTana activist Sean Mill returned today from a Mexico vacation to blast the blog that gives him a home–namely, Orange Juice. In fairness, Mill was merely reacting to Pedroza's earlier post wondering out loud if he should boot Mill since councilman Sal Tinajero (whom Mill supports) was the man behind Gordon's ouster. The comments are already flying between Mill, Pedroza, Gordon, and others (how long before Godwin's Law of Nazi Analogies takes effect?) and even drew in poor ol' Matt “Jubal” Cunningham, the proprietor of OC Blog.

Hey, Juicers: love the back-and-forth for purely schaudenfreude reasons, but please don't let your blog disintegrate into the petty bickering that nearly ruined this paper. Eyes on the prize, amigos: the toppling of el caudillo Pudillo.

**UPDATE: Mill is off Orange Juice. Damnit, guys…

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