Orange County Sex Parks Garner National Recognition

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The photo above shows the Trail 6 “nude beach” at San Onofre State Beach. Actually, park rangers will tell you there are no nude beaches in the California park system. But naturists say there is an unofficial-official wink-wink policy when it comes to clothing-optional enforcement at Trail 6, something the courts are still sorting out. Rangers, naturists and police reports will tell you sex and sex crimes do happen at Trail 6–naturists just want everyone to know they aren't the ones doing it. Still, that confirmation earns the park national recognition. Score!

Nadia Pflaum of The Pitch newsweekly in Kansas City wrote a feature story on Kansas City police enforcement against sex in public parks. For a related blog post, she conducted an informal poll of other Village Voice Media newspapers to find out where sex parks are located around the country.

The OC Weekly sends word of several West Coast wonderlands: Santiago Park in Santa Ana, California; Hillcrest Park in Fullerton;, Estancia Adobe Park in Costa Mesa and Trail Six at San Onofre State Beach. That last locale, OC-ers say, is “an area near nude beach, which gets blamed for sexploits even though nudists claim it ain't them getting it on.” Their blog post on the subject is here.

Those were the parks Weeklings came up with off the top of their heads at a recent staff meeting. Because . . . um . . . we've READ about sex happening in those parks–yeah, that's the ticket. But surely there are others out there, right horn dogs? 

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