Orange County-Born Bid to Recall Inland Empire Legislator Fails

Corona del Mar attorneys Mike Schroeder and Lee Lowrey
have lost their bid to recall fellow GOP member and Hesperia Assemblyman Anthony Adams. The Orange County Register reports that Secretary of State Debra Bowen threw out the measure because not enough valid signatures had been gathered to qualify for the ballot.

Adams drew the ire of Lowrey, of Orange
County-based Atlas PAC, and Schroeder, formerly the chairman of
the California Republican Party and power behind disgraced ex-Orange
County Sheriff Mike Carona's throne, because the legislator was one of five Republicans who joined Democrats in approving a
February budget update that included tax hikes. That, recall advocates claimed, betrayed Adams' signed pledge not to support more taxes.

Blaming the mounting of the recall on “Orange County Republicans” and “Newport Beach activists,” Adams said last month that

the Orange Countians were selfishly trying
to protect their own slice of the financial pie at the expense of less
affluent residents of Los Angeles County and the Inland Empire, the
latter of which includes Adams' 59th Assembly District.

Adams called out the hypocrisy of supposed anti-tax crusaders, who maintained further
cuts of wasteful government spending should have been done before any
tax was considered, but were all for burning more than $1 million of
taxpayer money on a recall.

That's money that won't be spent now.

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