One Good Shaggy Dog Story to Warm Your Recession-Afflicted Hearts

In mid-November, I wrote a post about my friend having to give up her Great Dane Milo (pictured at left) and asked for help from ustedes. With an assist from LAObserved, I received dozens of email from folks interested in adopting Milo. I'm glad to report Milo quickly found a home, and perhaps the most deserving home possible.

As my friend recounted, there were many people interested in adopting Milo, both those who were familiar with Great Danes and those who weren't. But one family had a compelling story. It seems they were longtime owners of two Great Danes until one recently passed away. The family was sad, but the lone Great Dane was even more depressed. My friend took Milo to the family to see if Milo would get along with both the lonely Great Dane. They did. She's happy to report that Milo now spends his days following his new pal around wherever they go, in the secure setting of a loving family. God bless you, Milo, and gracias to all of you who wanted to help.

Now, back to reality…

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