OC's Leading Holocaust Denier Says Forget the Denying: Let's Just Concentrate on Jew-Bashing

The Southern Poverty Law Center has a great recap in the latest issue of their award-winning magazine, Intelligence Report, regarding a story we've known about for months: that the head of the Newport Beach-based Institute for Historical Review, the most influential Holocaust-denial organization in the country, is dropping the pretense and emerging as a full-blown anti-Semite.

Back in January, IHR head Mark Weber wrote an essay arguing that the Holocaust denial movement has been “as much a hindrance as a help” that only distracted from the real issue: the Jews. Intelligence Report writer Heidi Beirich noted that at the IHR's most recent Orange County conference (if previous form held true, at the Ayres Hotel in Costa Mesa), Weber told his audience that Jews “control political and cultural life, including the education system and the mass media,” and threw in digs at minorities as well.

Also in attendance that day: Long Beach St. professor Kevin Macdonald, notorious for his “academic” work trying to paste an intellectual sheen on Jew-bashing. Amazing that he's a '49er and not working at the South Orange County Community College District…

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