OC Town Hall March Scheduled for Monday

Anyone else notice that ever since President Obama began pushing health care reform and waffling back and forth between advocating for a public option and saying that a public option was really just optional, ya know, just an idea, his popularity numbers have been plummeting? Conservatives already hate the guy and millions of morons think he's some kind of Manchurian candidate trying to turn the good old USA into a socialist bloc nation. But what about his supporters, all those tweeting, Facebook-friendly progressive souls who back in November believed he was a savior who would solve all our woes?

Where the fuck are these people? Why aren't they marching in the streets demanding that our insurance-industry-corrupted politicians (including Obama) get their shit together and improve our nation's suck-ass health care system?

Turns out these people do exist and they are coming to a Fashion Island near you (that is, if you're rich enough to live near Fashion Island, but never mind…) On Monday, Aug. 31 at 11 a.m., a coalition of progressive OC groups including Free Enterprise Advocates, Latino Coalition for a Healthy California, Laguna Beach Democratic Club, Progressive Democrats for America, and Women For: Orange County, will be marching along the sidewalks adjacent to Orange County's most opulent shopping mall. Anyone who thinks its high time to take the health care debate away from the right-wing lunatics is invited to attend.

The organizers suggest you bring along American flags and placards bearing photos of loved ones who have been denied coverage by the insurance industry. You can also lend your signature to letters that will be sent to legislators demanding their support for a public option.

Hmmm. Ya think Obama could use a few of those letters too?

For more info contact Alan Boinus of Free Enterprise Advocates at oc***********@gm***.com or visit www.ochealthmarch.com.

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