Not Much of a 'Welcoming Committee' for Vicente Fox

If the three people standing outside Irvine Barclay Theater late this afternoon represented the Vicente Fox Welcoming Committee at UCI,” the committee that has not forgotten Chiapas, Atenco, and Oaxaca, the committee that “opposes Fox and other oppressors wherever they show their faces,” the committee that felt there was “a good chance” that they would “be arrested or suspended” because OC is, after all, “a hostile community,” well, they weren't much of a committee, sub-committee or sub-sub-committee. They wouldn't even represent a quorum at many city council meetings.

Worse, they didn't do anything but just stand there. One young woman held a sign that stated, “Pinche Fox.” So much for insightful political discourse.

Now, the former president of Mexico was also participating in a couple invite-only events today, including a dinner tonight. It is possible more protesters will show up to those, although he'd be more likely around here to draw more dissenters of the Minutemen/Barbara Coe variety–you know, the types that anarchists shout down on college campuses.

Should you attend an event in Orange County tonight that includes Vicente Fox, Michael Fox or Fox Mulder, and notice demonstrators out front, let us know how many and what they're up and we'll pass it along, at the next Welcoming Committee at UCI meeting in the nearest phone booth.

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